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Welcome Entertainment Industry Professionals to TMF's Official EPK,

we're glad you're here! This space is a great opportunity to give you a full background of who we are, what we do and what our brand has to offer you, the decision maker. Everything you need in order to book our services is right here under one roof. Take your time looking around and use the contact information to get in touch with our representative.

TMF The Music Forever looks forward to working with you very soon!

Our Story


These Six Celebrated Gentlemen with the exception of Award-Winning Lead Vocalist,

Chris Walker are the same Band of Brothers that toured and recorded as the Iconic R&B Band, Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly for the last two decades. Their Musical DNA, excellence in musicianship and stage presence defined what fans of the band Maze have come to expect. And now, these seven artists have banded together, and moved into their own space and time to bring the world of soulful musical entertainment a fresh new brand.

Introducing… TMF "The Music Forever"

Meet The Band

Chris Smudge Edit.jpg

Chris Walker

Lead Vocals


"Making Love To The Music"  
The New Hit Single by TMF

TMF_Making-Love-To-The-Music_ RADIO-EDIT_4m3sTMF The Music Forever
00:00 / 04:22

The Legacy Of
Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly



TMF The Soul Band
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“The song “Making Love To The Music” is ready for the road.”

Ken Williams - Hot 102 Global 


“TMF’s Making Love To The Music is a hit! They really make you feel em’ in your heart and in your soul!” They’re right! Grown Folks Music is Back!!!” - BW Presents

“The legendary TMF have not missed a step with their new single, “Making Love To The Music!” Great record, great band, great legacy.” - Chubb Rock


“TMF’s Making Love To The Music is some of the Best, Soulful, Steppin’, Feel Good Music in Chicago. That’s why I’m breaking it in on MyJamRadio!” - DJ Freddy B Heavy Hitter

Booking Contact

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